Interested in Going to India? Check out our new resources on traveling to India with a disability 0

Some adventurers believe that if you can travel in India, you can travel anywhere.

Unfortunately, there is also a common belief that people with mobility disabilities should not go to India. I discovered this while researching for our India: Disability and Exchange Profile. On travel forums and elsewhere, people without disabilities often tried to discourage people with mobility disabilities from going to India.

India is crowded and inaccessible, they said. It’s dangerous and polluted. It’s hard enough for people without disabilities to travel there.

All of this is true. However, for travelers with disabilities who embrace the idea of “Challenge by Choice” and have a sense of adventure and are flexible, India can be an immensely rewarding place for study abroad, volunteering, or travel.

Check out our India: Disability and Exchange Profile page for more information on studying, volunteering and traveling in India with a disability.