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Three Cups of Tea and an Accessible Bathroom

Three Cups of Tea and an Accessible Bathroom 0

I’ve gone in a shed, I’ve gone in the forest and I’ve gone in the middle of the desert.  I’ve gone on top of a mountain, and yes, ladies and gentlemen, I have gone behind a bus. I’m talking about going to the bathroom. As a wheelchair user with cerebral palsy, this is one topic [...]

Spain: A Story of Redemption

Spain: A Story of Redemption 0

When Megan returned to Spain this year with a MIUSA Exchange Program, she had no idea she’d fall in love with a country she shared a tumultuous history with.

Barriers of the Worst Kind

Barriers of the Worst Kind 0

“A barrier is of ideas, not of things” –Mark Caine I can confidently say that the largest barrier that inhibits people with disabilities from traveling abroad is attitude.  In preparation for going abroad, many travelers with disabilities worry and are often overwhelmed by the perceived physical barriers associated with disability, whether it be lack of [...]

A Well-Oiled Machine: “My” Japan

A Well-Oiled Machine: “My” Japan 2

Images of Japan post-earthquake and tsunami have bombarded us recently, making it difficult for anyone familiar with Japan to remember the extreme organization and efficiency of this awe-inspiring nation. I recently read a Newsweek article, “Apocalypse Now?”, which said  “Before now, Japan has never been pitied”.  I found this profoundly moving, not just because as [...]

By Donkey, by Camel, by Man

By Donkey, by Camel, by Man 2

When Megan started talking about going abroad, her family and friends balked at the idea of a woman, traveling the world alone in her power wheelchair. What they underestimated was Megan’s drive to maneuver creatively in new places and situations–making even the most “inaccessible” venture, creatively accessible.

The Dual Impact of Volunteering Abroad

The Dual Impact of Volunteering Abroad 0

Volunteering abroad and ‘working holidays’ have become increasingly popular ways to travel and explore foreign cultures and lands. Whether it’s working within the coffee fields of Costa Rica or teaching English to children in Nepal, volunteers with disabilities have made their presence known as contributory global citizens. It could be said that volunteers with disabilities [...]